Practice Improvement Hub

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) is a member of the Practice Improvement Hub, a venue for health care organizations to develop relationships, collaborate on mutually beneficial activities, and learn from one another. The Hub was developed in recognition that health services are delivered and/or influenced by a wide range of organizations with provincial mandates that do much of their work independently. RCCbc involvement is critical because many organizations with provincial mandates view their programs through the lens of larger, more concentrated population centres. As a result of the relatively independent activity and the focus on larger population centres, systemic issues and the unique nature of rural communities and health services are often not well understood or considered. The Hub supports relationship development and synergistic 

activity between interested organizations that assist physicians, and those with whom they work, to improve health services.  

RCCbc’s involvement with and leadership of the Hub helps ensure that the rural perspective is understood and considered by participating organizations. This increases awareness of differences between rural and non-rural health services and creates opportunities to influence priorities and program development to leverage positive (and reduce negative) impacts by member organizations on rural health services. Further, the Hub has become a venue to leverage RCCbc activities, including Compassionate Leadership training, partnership, and learning health care system work. 

Our Achievements


Assembled a Compassionate Leadership training cohort

The Hub’s Anti-racism/Cultural Sensitivity Working Group identified a range of activities that can assist individuals and organizations in becoming more culturally sensitive: Education; policies, adapting clinical environments, accountability frameworks, governance, quality improvement, use of data and research. By building upon and supporting the work and resources of RCCbc, the Working Group has focused on education as its central priority and formed a cohort for Compassionate Leadership training with Shawn and Heather Atleo. The first session was held in March. Participants included leaders from RCCbc, BC College of Physicians and Surgeons, BC College of Family Physicians, BC Medical Quality Initiative, Health Data Coalition, University of British Columbia (UBC) Health, and the UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Departments of Family Practice, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, and Continuing Professional Development. The session was the start of furthering participants’ personal and professional development. It also provided an opportunity for participants to work together, and with the Atleos, to develop strategies to engage their organizations in becoming more anti-racist and culturally sensitive.


Co-created processes and training with BC Emergency Health Services

The IT Platform Working Group included participants from RCCbc, Pathways, Divisions of Family Practice, Physician Quality Improvement, the Shared Care Committee’s Chronic Disease Community of Practice, and the BC Emergency Medicine Network. The Working Group determined two key objectives that, if further developed and promoted, would benefit physicians to deliver and improve the care they provide: 1) IT platforms with functionalities, including real-time, contextually appropriate, and trusted information access; and 2) connecting individuals to support innovation. Pathways, an IT platform that physicians and others use frequently to access real-time information to make patient care more effective and efficient, was identified as a platform that achieves objective 1. The Working Group assisted with promoting use of this platform and identifying opportunities for synergistic activity. This includes the establishment of a partnership with UBC Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD). Initial work to determine the specifications for a collaborative innovation platform (objective 2) was also completed. Discussions with the General Practice Services Committee, Divisions of Family Practice, and the Shared Care Committee’s Chronic Disease Community of Practice are ongoing to determine a path forward for the creation of a such a platform, which could be used across different activities.


Organized coaching and mentoring review

Led by UBC CPD, the Coaching and Mentoring Working Group assembled a range of organizations to trial approaches and tools to enhance coaching and mentoring. 

Making a Difference

Building relationships, sharing information, increasing collaboration, and raising awareness of rural health issues is at the heart of the Practice Improvement Hub, which continued quarterly meetings this year. And on top of that, its three working groups, IT Platforms, Coaching and Mentoring, and Anti-Racism/Cultural Sensitivity, established at least bi-monthly meetings to determine their top priorities.

“The Hub continues to act as a venue to increase understanding of rural physicians’ and communities’ needs,” says Dr. Dan Horvat, who co-chairs the Practice Improvement Hub and chairs several of its working groups. “It also allows us the opportunity to share RCCbc’s work with provincial organizational leaders.”

Further, the creation of a cohort for Compassionate Leadership training “has provided participating organizations with practical and inspiring training that has the potential to not only influence organizational leaders, but, through them, organizations that are central to the delivery of health services, including rural health services, in British Columbia,” says Dr. Horvat. “This has great potential to reduce racism and increase cultural sensitivity of health services and, in doing so, to contribute to making real the recommendations of the In Plain Sight report and the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action.”

In the coming year, the Hub and its working groups will continue to seek opportunities for further alignment and partnerships and remain a venue for RCCbc’s work to influence provincial organizations whose mandate includes rural health services.

“Our ultimate goal,” says Dr. Horvat, “is to support improvements in health service delivery and ensure that rural physicians’ and communities’ needs are understood, and that actions taken by provincial organizations are informed by this perspective.”

Dig in Deeper

Organizations involved in, and contributing to, the Practice Improvement Hub: 

BC College of Physicians and Surgeons 
BC College of Family Physicians 
BC Medical Quality Initiative 
Health Data Coalition 
Joint Clinical Committees 
BC Emergency Medicine Network 
Shared Care Committee’s Chronic Disease Community of Practice 
Physician Quality Initiative 
Divisions of Family Practice 
UBC Health  
UBC Departments of Family Practice, Faculty Development, Continuing Professional Development, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion   

Team Members

Dr. Dan Horvat
Dr. Dan Horvat
Dr. Ray Markham
Dr. Ray Markham
Dr. Terri Aldred
Dr. Terri Aldred
Dr. Danette Dawkin
Dr. Danette Dawkin
Krystal Wong

Krystal Wong

Project Coordinator